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US Cultural Vistas

English course with business focus for cultural vistas j-1 program participants

To prepare for the fast-paced, competitive workplace in the United States, Kaplan International offers Cultural Vistas program participants the opportunity to study our part-time English course with an additional Business English component during the admission period allowed under their J-1 internship or trainee programs.

Participants will get a targeted immersive English language experience while also having the opportunity to make new international friends prior to the Cultural Vistas J-1 program.

During the 4-week Kaplan international English program, you will improve your language skills and gain transferrable skills to make you more effective in business situations.

English for Business Locations

Our English for Business lessons are available at the following schools in the United States:

Cultural Vistas Exchange Program Locations

Multiple locations around the United States.

Why choose Kaplan?

In 2018 we celebrate 80 years of experience in helping international students achieve their goals.

Our courses are designed to help students reach English proficiency and achieve their academic and professional goals. With online practice lessons, qualified teachers and modern schools located in 18 cities across the United States, Kaplan International will help you go further with English.


Program participants have the option to stay with a local host family and fully immerse in the culture of the United States, or live independently at one of Kaplan’s modern student residences for the duration of the Kaplan International program.


Student residences are specially selected apartments, hostels, and dorms that provide a great living experience. Located in centric areas of each city, student residences are ideal for independent participants, who enjoy having the opportunity to interact with other residents. Student residences may feature amenities such as study areas, game lounges, gym facilities, communal dining rooms and more.


Staying with a host family is ideal for participants who want to learn about and immerse themselves in local culture. Sharing meals with your hosts every day, you'll benefit from speaking English in casual situations.

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