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Anyone can go on vacation and have a good time. Set yourself apart this summer by learning English and make your summer truly memorable.

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Engage with real Americans while walking to class in the USA

Your classroom back home can never compare to the excitement of learning from native English speakers. Plus, you can’t help but learn while you’re immersed in a new culture and using your new English skills to explore famous landmarks.

Find yourself speaking real British English

Total cultural immersion is the fastest way to learn English, plus you get the added bonus of an exciting new city and culture to explore. Make the most of your summer break!

Immerse yourself in a new city

Kaplan has over 40 locations across the English-speaking world, from the 63rd floor of the Empire State Building to opposite the waves of the iconic Manly Beach of Sydney.
Read more about our fantastic locations.

Kaplan School - USA


Whether you’ve been dreaming of the New York skyline, the glamour of Hollywood, or a bit of beach culture and a taste of the beautiful outdoors, the United States has something to offer everyone.

Kaplan School - UK


Study in the birthplace of the English language. Whether you love the bustle of London, or the prestige and history of Cambridge or Oxford, find the corner of the UK perfect for you.

Kaplan School - Australia


Experience the famous natural wonder, beaches, unique wildlife, and iconic cityscapes of the Land Down Under. Australia is a perfect study destination brimming with action and adventure.

Kaplan School - Canada


Study English in one of the world’s safest and friendliest countries, where multicultural cities are surrounded by breathtaking natural wonders.

Kaplan School - Ireland


Study English in Ireland and surround yourself with friendly locals, remarkable history, and the famous green landscapes of the Emerald Isle.

Kaplan School - New Zealand


Study English in a country known as much for its friendly inhabitants as for its unbelievable variety of natural wonders and exciting selection of adventure activities.

“The improvement in my English since Kaplan is clear, as I speak more fluently and my grammar has significantly improved. This will help me in a professional sense as English is a universal language. What I love most about my Kaplan Experience is living in a friendly city right on the beach as I have always loved being by the sea.”

─ Stephanie from Venezuela, studied in Bournemouth, UK

Find the perfect course for you

Whether you want to boost your skills dramatically in a short amount of time, prepare for a specific exam, or simply pick up the basics while having a bit of fun, Kaplan is sure to have a course to match your needs.

Kaplan - Vacation English

Vacation English Courses

Combine your summer break with English study through our vacation courses. Learn English at a gentle pace and maximize your time to explore as you make friends in a new, inspiring landscape and see the sights.

Kaplan - Intensive English Courses

Intensive English Courses

Our Intensive English courses maximize your class time and provide you with a variety of extra support outside of class. On average, students jump an entire level every 10 weeks, letting you truly make the most of your summer off.

Kaplan - English Academic Year

Exam Prep Courses

Hoping to attend an English-speaking university or certify your English level with a recognized test? Our exam preparation courses for IELTS, TOEFL®, Cambridge, GMAT®, and GRE® boost your skills and set you up for test success.

“I want to become a flight attendant and I need to be confident with English, so I decided to take advantage of what Kaplan offers. I think since being at Kaplan I have improved speaking English, and I’ve had good experiences such as playing volleyball and having BBQs on the beach.”

─ Preeda from Thailand, studied in Torquay, UK

A home away from home

Where you stay defines your time abroad. Whether you prefer to live with other students or with a local family, you’re sure to find a memorable and enriching experience. All of our student homes are safe, social, well maintained, and located close to both our schools and city centers, so you’re sure to be able to take full advantage of the local area.

Kaplan - Vacation English

Live with other students in our handpicked residences

Our student residences are the ideal choice for a social living experience. You can practice your English every day with fellow students from all over the world, learn about different cultures, and make friends. Choose between single, double or dorm-style rooms, en-suite or shared bathrooms, and cafeteria or self-catered facilities.

Kaplan - Intensive English Courses

Live with a host family and get a full cultural experience

For those that prefer to immerse themselves in local culture, homestays are the perfect option. The relaxed atmosphere that comes with living as part of a local household is perfect for natural language learning from native speakers. At a homestay, you'll have your own room and will usually share breakfast and dinner with your hosts.

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