Which US city do you belong in?

Ever wondered what American city you should live in? Design your perfect weekend with our quiz and find out where you belong!

Take the test and live your American dream.

Question 1/12:
It’s Friday morning. Time to wake up, brush the sleep from your eyes, drag yourself out of bed and commute to your dream job. What is it?
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Question 2/12:
You stumble to the closet and pick the day’s outfit. What do you choose?
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Question 3/12:
All dressed and looking good. You’re almost out of the door. You take a last look at your home. What is it like?
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Question 4/12:
On the daily commute now and you’re really annoying passers-by with the thumping beats coming from your sound system. What’s blasting out?
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Question 5/12:
You’ve finally made it to work, it’s your dream job, nothing can ruin this day, except maybe the weather. You look up to the sky. What do you see?
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Question 6/12:
It’s lunch time, you’re taking a stroll outside and your stomach starts to growl. What do you grab to eat?
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Question 7/12:
Mmmmm! That sure was tasty but now you’re desperate for a drink. What do you wash your lunch down with?
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Question 8/12:
After a rewarding week at work, you’re having a Friday evening at home with your best friends. It’s another box set marathon. What are you streaming?
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Question 9/12:
Hey there sports fan! It’s Saturday, you’ve made it to the weekend! The big game is tonight and you’re going with your buddies. Who are you cheering for?
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Question 10/12:
The game’s over and it’s time to celebrate. Get ready to hit the town because you’re ending this evening...
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Question 11/12:
Wow, now that was a crazy night. You’ve woken up feeling tired. How do you shake off that Sunday feeling?
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Question 12/12:
You’ve made it to Sunday evening and your local movie theater is showing a classic movie. What flick do you catch?
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