Some of our classroom activities


Teaching lessons about events that students would normally take part in ensure that they’re engaged in the topic from the start, and students will learn and use every day vocabulary. In this lesson, students will brainstorm about films, learn vocabulary related to film genres, and then use this new vocabulary in guided practice, and finally, more freely.

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Apps and the
Internet Lesson

We incorporate lessons about current topics in order to give students a language lesson that they can use every day. In this lesson, you will see the teacher help the students practice their listening, learn new vocabulary about apps and the internet, and use the new vocabulary that they’ve learned by making a set of instructions.

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Chat Show

The chat show lesson is very useful for helping students learn how to debate. Often convincing students to get involved in a debate can be difficult, which is why using a fun and interesting topic helps them feel more comfortable. Students get the chance to prepare themselves by learning about the topic in advance, to give them more confidence.

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Strange and Fun Restaurants Lesson

Students start this lesson speaking about their own most famous national dishes, which gives students the chance to speak a bit and get comfortable with the topic, in small groups. This lesson focuses on vocabulary and grammar, plus listening skills and speaking for fluency and accuracy.

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Countries and
Cities Lesson

Because our students are from so many different countries, using their differing experiences as a topic for a grammar and speaking lesson makes them more engaged. In this lesson, the students use comparatives and superlatives to compare their cities in speaking and reading activities. This lesson incorporates a number of different skills that students will need daily.

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News and
Television Lesson

We use these types of lessons to introduce students to language that will help them answer questions. Students have the chance to work together, which helps them to use knowledge they already have to answer questions. This lesson requires students to remember and use English they’ve already learned in a new context, plus share this with the class.

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33 of 38 studies found classes with group work lead to much higher achievement than a traditional classroom model


77% of teachers use technology in the classroom to increase students’ levels of motivation for learning


91.5 average test scores in classes that use educational games as part of the curriculum

What our students think about it


In our interview, Satoru, from Japan, shares his feelings about his teachers at Kaplan, how he feels about the English teaching methods at his school, his experience living abroad, and if he feels he's gotten better at English while he's been studying in London.


Zeynep, from Turkey, works as a lawyer back home. In our interview, she tells us about why she came to Kaplan and about her experience in the classroom learning English with Kaplan. She also shares how she knows that she’s improved her English.


Georges is 22 and from France. He shares what he was doing before studying with Kaplan and about how he thinks the teaching method at Kaplan has helped him expand his English language skills. Find out about what he thinks of his teachers and lessons at Kaplan.

Kaplan International has crafted its English teaching methods specifically for international students.

Kaplan International welcomes students from around the world

Kaplan International offers English classes for students of all English levels, from elementary to advanced. Last year, we had students from more than 145 countries in our 45+ schools in English-speaking countries.
We believe that having a diverse classroom helps students learn more, communicate in English and build international friendships and connections. Our students agree: “You can see a lot of different opinions of different countries and I love that. You can learn more about the world. And that is what I prefer, to learn about everything and speak in English at the same time.” – Gregoire, France.

More about the K+ System

Anna Robinson, a school principal at Kaplan International, tells us about K+ notes, the learning materials that students use in the classroom. She also shares the methodology behind our books and online practice modules.